An Athenian July


A collection of photos from various activities undertaken in and around Athens during my stay.

Mount Hymettus

The second most important hill of Athens, right after the Acropolis! Also apparently the number one spot to take your date to watch the sunset from the back seat of your car or something, judging by the number of watching the sunset from the back seat of their car.

Mount Kyllini

A day trip from Athens to the 2300 meter peak in the northern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Oh and yeah, I should probably mentioned I found my new favorite website:

This time using Google Maps as did have all the routes on the mountain, but it did not classify them as roads for cars and therefore did not navigate there. To be honest, I would probably kill my navigator if it took me up this road without telling me you need a high clearance 4×4..

Scuba Diving Course

Coming soon, maybe.

The Food

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